I’d just like to welcome the various surfers visiting me from the http://www.nj.com FORUMS. It’s me, Hoofin, the same as at nj.com and the old http://www.bridgewaternj.com forums.

Welcome to what I hope is at least one source on the internet where you can find a different opinion about our local Bridgewater Township government. Here, the mayor is a guy who holds a thankless job and gets dumped on by a conniving Township Council who, when they aren’t running for mayor themselves, spend (waste?) a lot of political time and capital trying to make their OWN neighborhoods nice, at a cost to everyone else in the township.

I would say 8 out of 10 in Bridgewater don’t have an inkling of what our Council is up to, and it turns out it’s the most important part of our local government when it comes to POLICY. So many people who interact with Council come away thinking “who elected these jokers?” And, in short, the answer is: YOU DID!

So it’s time to start paying a lot more attention to that Council—– “lifting the rock”, so to speak, to find out how they got there and how they sustain their political power.