Aggressive driving the right hazard to attack.


Somebody at the Courier is finally just levelling with the public, that gimmicks, cartoon signs, “pleas for driver courtesy”, etc., aren’t going to solve the lawlessness/crisis on our roads. The weapon has to be the ticket, the pulling-over, the embarrassment. (There are even easier ways to send a message to the law-breakers, that I discussed on recently.)

Why there isn’t an internet database to dime the worst offenders out there, is beyond me. Wouldn’t it be a lot easier for the cops, if they knew that XYZ-123 has a habit of speeding down certain roads, tailgating, not using signals, etc? Wouldn’t the garden-variety “Jersey Jerk” who looks to the rest of us to subsidize the RISK he/she causes, have it maybe a little tougher if they thought that cut-off they just did might increase the risk they get pulled over the next time their plate gets run?

In the days before “no fault” insurance and “insurance maps”, when you screwed around in a car, you made costs for the community you lived in. Nowadays, someone drives like a nut, the cost is shifted to some silver-haired lady living three townships away. (We’re not even talking about what we lose in aggravation and fear, for all the “near misses” that don’t result in a claim.)

Contrary to what the Courier offers, I am astounded that anyone would drive left of the line unless there is solid grounds to do so, and then only with emergency lights. That people casually flout so basic a law (“because geez it’s so hard to drink this coffee or chat with Janie on the cell while I try to drive this SUV”) is a sign to me that the problem is way out of hand, and that any current “initiatives” being considered to address it are truly HALF-MEASURES.


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