Good Articles in today’s Newark Star-Ledger

Here we go!

Bridgewater-Raritan seeks superintendent. Again.

I like the introduction: “The district’s revolving door of school chiefs keeps spinning.” Eleanor Barrett is right on the money. She mentions the five in the last 10 years. There of course was the whole handful from before that, even. (It’s been going on for over 25 years!)

Barrett mentions about the “long line” of “micromanagement” problems with the B-R Board of Education. I would also add cliquish behavior and wholesale disregard for many of the longtime residents. Decisions made in favor of the families who live off Country Club or Meadow Roads—-that’s always been a theme. And, you notice that one of the niceset elementary schools is the one off Van Holten Road.

But wait there’s more:

A new life in store for Somerville mall

Another good article by the Star-Ledger’s Cathy Bugman and Peter Spencer. Points out the number of problems with how the current downtown shopping center doesn’t fit with the overall scheme of West Main Street. Also, how it was itself a redevelopment, and in its early years had its share of success.

Good articles with good background information. Way to go!