I got it suggested to me at a political function that I should make this site “interactive”—that it would generate greater interest. Hmmmmmm.

Longtime “Hoofin” followers know that when I expanded out of the nj.com forums and over into Herb’s http://www.bridgewaternj.com, there came to be two self-appointed censors who felt their role was to take offense or to badger–or slander/misrepresent, etc. I had a whole post in Herb’s listing the reasons why the interactive format won’t work—-until Herb took it down.

I think it makes it too easy for some troublemakers or tack-on-to-your-efforts-type lazyasses to come in, and make their contribution basically “cyber heckling”.

I know that most of the people who read me are good people. But I also get the server statistics, so I know there are two people who should be doing their own thing who are still hangers on, and I feel these two should go out and earn their own forum, and not try to use my efforts to write themselves into the picture.

Apology is an alien concept in the Bridgewater G.O.P. That is why they are currently fighting among themselves. They screw and backstab each other, and say all sorts of rotten things that the “sayer” doesn’t think gets back to the “sayee”. Especially now that they are rubbing their hands in anticipation of what they think will be big wins in November, they are all trying to show each other “who’s who”.

It would be a lot better, if they think there will be a clean sweep of Bridgewater as a one-party town, that they move back to nonpartisan voting. So it can be the VOTERS who decide which ones of them are the big assholes, instead of behind-the-scenes fights of them that we all know are going on.

I kind-of separated myself from the various self-important jerks who orbit that political Death Star, and I feel that “interactive” merely asks for them to invite themselves back to be a$$holes in my work for you.

I’ll consider setting up a e-mail tied to the site–but you know you can always reach me through a post at nj.com