The Iraq Occupation administrators take a page from the Bridgewater G.O.P.’s playbook.

I see the United States occupation office has constituted the Iraq Council:

New Iraqi council declares holiday

Apparently, the folks running show behind-the-scenes, (the U.S. military), needs some kind of governmental body to “show” the Iraqi citizens that we’re listening to them. So they’ve created a “diverse” body, called Council, that was hand-picked by the United States, to be a government for Iraq, with the ultimate veto-power, behind the scenes, in Paul Bremer.

Similarly, the Bridgewater G.O.P. is creating a “diverse” Council, selecting approved candidates who are spread out among the various areas of Bridgewater Township—-but who are beholden to township committee and ultimate behind-the-scenes people with the veto power over their political careers.

Now, I happen to be in favor of the United States’ work in Iraq —– we are going in and fixing the mess that we, incidentally, contributed to during the Cold War when Hussein was our buddy. I DO think, though, that not a lot of thought went in to what happens after we win?? And similarly to the last bugaboo, Vietnam, we don’t want to be walking into a situation where we look like the successor-colonizer to some previous European power. Vietnam—->French; Iraq—–>Britain (World War I to late 1950’s, where Britain served in an “advisory” role.)

Just thought it was interesting how Power decided they needed to refashion a Council to lend some credibility to the governing decisions . . .