One of Hopewell Borough’s government officials, a not-so-veiled white supremacist, resigns.

Moran to quit Hopewell Borough Council.

This story is too much!

Turns out that Hopewell Borough had an opening on its Council, and no one showed up to fill it.

Well, one guy did.

But the problem was, he was somehow involved with a West Virginia white-supremacy group. And was big on their tract-style of writing, about typical white-supremacist gripes.

Soon enough, it makes national news, and suddenly A LOT of people are upset!

Now, the guy’s attitude is “Wow, did THIS get out of hand!”. (You see, apology is a foreign word in other town’s G.O.P.’s, too. Sure, the establishment is apologizing, but more for what the guy said than their OWN screw-ups in candidate selection.)

Listen to some of the quotes, from the Trenton Times article:

“I had a long talk with my wife (Friday) night and we discussed why I took this seat in the first place,” Moran said in a telephone interview yesterday. “I took it because I wanted to help Hopewell Borough. But I don’t think my being on the council is helping Hopewell Borough, so I’m stepping down.” (Translation: Moran saw a chance to start moving some of his ideas out into the local mainstream—-like no one would notice—-and, yikes!, it didn’t quite work out as planned. “This isn’t the way the guys in West Virginia at headquarters said it would work. They said the masses would rise up in support of me!”)

Councilman David Knights said word of Moran’s decision spread quickly through the close-knit borough. “Things are beginning to settle down already,” Knights said. “I’m personally relieved he stepped down. The town was in a frenzy over this.” (Translation: “the least of which problems is that my last name unfortunately reminds people of another disreputable white-suprem group, and we don’t need any more of these negative jokes about our town!”)

Moran vowed to keep his seat, saying it was his constitutional right to serve no matter what his political affiliations. He said his larger political views would not affect his performance on the council because his job would consist mainly of deciding where shade trees are planted and whether the town would host fireworks displays. (Translation: “people will overlook my comments about “them” showing up under our shade trees and at fireworks displays.”)

“It’s in the best interest of everyone if I step down,” he said. “Sometimes your personal beliefs take a back seat to the good of everyone else. I have a wife and son to worry about and a baby on the way. These are the things I have to consider. I have to protect my family.” (Translation: “Man, now the wife is even getting on me about playing Far-Right Fantasy Land with the characters out in West Virginia. She says this one takes the cake!”)

Moran said that as a result of the flap, he has been “asked to take some time off” from his data entry job at First Choice Financial in Cherry Hill. (Translation: “Uh oh! Hope I’m not headed for welfare like so many of the buddies back at West Virginia headquarters . . . “)

Despite his membership in a neo-Nazi group, Moran steadfastly denies being a racist and said he fully supports racial diversity. He said he was unaware that the goal of the National Alliance is to exclude non-whites from schools, government, entertainment and living spaces, even though the group’s mission statement clearly spells out its goals on its Web page. (Translation: “serious back-pedaling now! Can’t play ‘pretend’ anymore, so I gotta play ‘stupid’! Yeah, that’s it!”)

He complained that excerpts of writings printed in newspapers were taken out of context and he blamed the media for “blowing this thing out of proportion.” (Translation: “it was just a game, you see? A game! That some data-entry clerks play to feel like they’re bigger and better than someone else! The mini-mansion is unfortunately out of reach . . .” )

“You guys kept associating my words with my actions,” he said yesterday. “Thoughts and actions are two different things.” (Translation: “Hey, how ’bout thinking and doing are two different things!” Hmmm, try to grab on to that part of the cliff’s edge . . . )

More Moran:

“I’ve done a terrible job representing my thoughts and views,” he said. “I’m using this episode as a catalyst to do something different with the way I look at things. This is getting me to re-evaluate what I think about the world. I just want to preserve the world I knew as a kid.” (Preserve as a kid? Where, in the 1850’s South? Moran, I think “kid” for you was 1970. New Jersey was already one of the most progressive civil-rights places on the planet at that time, and had been for years.)

“I’m sorry for any trouble I brought to the borough of Hopewell and any unhappiness I brought to my family,” he said. But when asked if he would resign his membership in the National Alliance, Moran avoided a direct answer. “I have serious reservations about being part of any organization, including the Republican Party,” he said. “(State party leaders) asked me to step down without even bothering to talk to me. (Translation: it can’t be the fact that Moran screwed up by associating and propagating the white-suprem nonsense. It MUST be someone else’s fault—in any little way it can be made so. It’s not Moran, you see, it’s those OTHER organizations: press, parties, etc. “THEM, THEM, not me!” is what the guy constantly says. And he’s sorry for the trouble, not for what got said . . . )

“And I’m definitely not putting anything up on the Internet anymore,” he said. “I’m done writing anything like that anymore. I think I’ll write some fiction.” (Oh Christ! Even blame the internet! Moran basically says it’s not what got printed, it’s the problem that Guttenberg popularized the printing press! The pro-gun lobby would love that kind of argument! “It wasn’t the criminal, it was the gun,” that type of argument.)

I don’t think it was “the internet”, and I think the fiction has been getting written for some time now on Moran’s PC . . .