The man had his right to free speech and free association, of course. It’s just the trouble for him, was that EVERYONE ELSE has their free speech and association rights, too!

And it’s not to stay that there aren’t left-wing, “multicultural” types running around America, doing things that—if left unchecked—-would tend to ruin America. It’s just that the prescription of the far-right-wing, which is far right, racial supremacy, neo-fascist policies, are hardly the solution!

It’s almost like you’d wanna develop a time machine, throw the “multicultural” leftists and the far-right goons in it, set the dial for 1920’s Weimar Germany, and flick the switch.

In some ways, both need each other. I bet this has been a boon to the left-wing in New Jersey, both in fundraising and in membership. The excesses of one side feed the excesses of the other.