Nah, I can’t leave the thing devoid of commentary today.

Would you believe that in RL (that would be “real life”) I am not just a blog writer, but also a blog reader?? Well, it’s true.

And the ones I’m impressed with are the ones that post pictures!

Unfortunately, I am too tight-fisted with the Sacajaweas to splurge on a site where I get the megabytes to post pictures, but if you ask me, some of the best NYC waterfront photos can be found at the following location:

Janet Dagley’s site

That’s what a site starts to look like when a lot of effort is getting put into it.

I do the text part all right, and touch on the community issues when they surface (hell, I even point out what doesn’t surface and should!)—but I just don’t do pictures yet. And so I have to envy the people who do!