Jesse Havens lists Somerset County’s entire roster of public officers outside of Freeholder.

Jessie has an enjoyable article in this week’s Somerset Messenger-Gazette, if you like lists! (And of course you know I do.)

She’s listed the entire history of prosecutors, clerks, surrogates, etc., for Somerset County.

Apparently Radi down at the clerk’s office was wondering about this, and so updated a list from sometime in the last century (that would be the 20th, folks!)

Jessie put it in her article, so now there is a permanent public record (as long as the microfiche lasts) of the various illuminaries who served (or did not serve!) our humble county.

Longtimers around here will remember the names. (“Oh yeah, so-and-so . . . “)

You know, when the news is kinda slow—as it has unfortunately been this month—Jessie Haven’s column is always a read. And this way, you don’t feel like saying, “Sh*t, I spent 60 cents for this?!” when the “news” is a lot of public relations filler that gets thrown to the ‘Zette on occasion, when the real crap is happening somewhere else . . .


2 Replies to “Jesse Havens lists Somerset County’s entire roster of public officers outside of Freeholder.”

  1. Hello! I would like to know if it would be possible to contact Jesse Havens. I’m writing a biography on actor Lee Van Cleef who was from Somerville. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated! Michael McGlasson

    1. It’s possible if you look up the Havens of Belle Mead, New Jersey—which is a section of Montgomery Township there.

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