More about the Bernards blogger

It turns out that the gentleman heads up an enterprise called, an affiliate of Advance Publications.

Now, if I know my media family tree as well as I’d like to think I do, Advance Publications owns the Star Ledger. In addition, there is an outfit called “Penn Jersey Advance”, an Advance subsidiary that owns the Somerset Messenger-Gazette.

And is also connected to Advance. All of which are owned by Conde Nast Publications(?) I think a TV station and radio are even thrown in there, somehow.

So what might appear to be six or seven different media outlets to the casual observer, turns out to be ONE mega-effen large media company!!!

But don’t worry, it’s not like I’m bought and paid for. Yet.

(The preceding post does not represent the views or opinions of Conde Nast, Advance Publications,, PennJersey Advance, Somerset Messenger-Gazette, bernards blog, or a half dozen other media avenues I haven’t traced back yet . . . )