The list of Bloggers just keeps growing and growing and growing . . .

bernards blog

Another interesting one, “in living color” (my aforementioned stated goal for this site!).

A nice site. I hesitate to give out so much personal information though, because now (I feel) the Bernards blogger is going to be somewhat limited in the amount of “controversial” material that can be put into the blog.

Maybe that’s OK—Bernards Township doesn’t seem to be that controversial a place! (What are the big issues? How far into the other person’s lane do you drive your SUV or monster truck? How do you avoid alternative minimum tax? What if Muffy does NOT get accepted into Harvard or Stanford?)

I know Bernards has its issues. And for the people living there for years, they have that same “Hestonian” reaction about the place when they think back over the years to what HAD been.

So it’s good to see another member of the larger community willing to speak up—even if it is on a higher-tech blog that puts mine to shame!


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