Oh no! Pike Run development in Montgomery might get “bisected”!

Courier News article

Everyone is hot and bothered because the state is going through with plans for an “at grade” Route 206 bypass around the east end of Pike Run.

According to the article, “everyone knew it was coming”. But I can tell you (from experience), that the people selling condos and townhouses in the Run would make a point about how their property “faced away from the highway”—-not pointing out until pressed that, yeah, it faced the land where the bypass was going to go!

So, yeah, Montgomery builds and builds. But then they complain when their fair share of suburban highway has to be built!

Could you imagine what a pain in the ass it would be, to travel to those executive jobs in the office parks along Routes 287, 78, 80, etc. if EVERY highway to them (including the interstates) were two-lane roads? Basically, you couldn’t commute from Montgomery, in that case!

Yet every time there is a proposal to start modernizing the state road system in Montgomery, there are cries about “dividing the community!” The bald-headed guy was saying that about a full expansion of 206 through Montgo. “That would divide the community!!!!!!”

A two-lane highway does not divide, you see. A four-laner does.

What a load of bull! So effectively, tony Readington is divided in three parts. Bedminister into at least four. Bernards into two, Warren, into two. I think even Far Hills has the east of 287 side and the west of 287 side. (I wonder which end is the “other side of the tracks”.)

“Divide the community” is just a ruse to say, “no four-lane highways in MY backyard! Not in MYYYYIIIIINE!! No way! [temper tantrum and foot-pounding]”

Sure, everyone else have their far-suburban charm ruined, so that the Montgomery-ites can work, shop and “play”. (Somerset County: the desirable place to “live work and play”. .Somerset County website What an asinine slogan by the way.)

But the playing is looking like another sandbox fight this afternoon . .