Everyone’s bitching about gas prices . . .

. . . but few people seem to be making the connection between our military’s sacrifices overseas, and the inability to sacrifice, that the average American seems to have these days.

Myself, I don’t know why gas is almost $2 a gallon around here, but respecting the families whose sons and daughters don’t get to come home from the Mideast war, you’d think people would shut up with the “hey, I thought these prices were supposed to come down after the war was over!” (If it’s even over . . . )

In the fairest world, the thing that would be taxed to pay for our Iraq occupation is gasoline.

Even though the mission is to “liberate Iraq”, no one is fooled that so much as a small part of that liberation, is so that our new-found friends can sell us their oil.

Slapping a plastic flag decal on the back of the SUV is not “sacrifice”. Nor is the plastic flag on the antenna.


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