What is more important in this year’s commemoration of 9/11?

What is more important in this year’s commemoration of 9/11? Media hype or concern for the feelings of the families?

I am happy to see that Gannett (Courier News) has been paying attention to the very real sufferings of the people who lost loved ones in 9/11. (— that is, those who want to be bothered by the press and the public; any number of families do not.)

There were two very emotional accounts I linked to this weekend, about people who are just looking for some tangible sign of the relative that they lost. Something that was them.

There is a deep personal anguish for those victims of 9/11 where the officials and movers could not find any remains of the people.

Additionally, there is upset at the fact that it looks like the final resting spot of those who were not recovered is a city dump in Staten Island—that has (rightly) come to be considered a mass grave.

If it were up to me (and it isn’t, but if it were), America would use 9/11 to think about what happened to those families, and use the rest of the year to fight the war on terrorism (for how much individual fighting anyone in the Homeland is actually doing . . . )


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