Who votes, and who doesn’t, in Bridgewater Township.

In what local newspaper have you read, that 2/3rds of the registered voters south of Route 22 in Bridgewater didn’t show up November 4???

A person I was sharing that electoral fun fact with the other day, thought that I was talking about 2/3rds of the people old enough to vote. That is to say, they thought I was saying people who could vote, but registering and voting is not part of what they “do”, so they don’t. Those people.

No no. I am talking about folks who could have showed up at the local polling place November 4, registrations already all in order. Probably even vote for President or Governor, in the proper year. Two-thirds of the registered voters didn’t show up.

When you talk about the entire population, it’s even worse. I think only 14% of the people south of the highway supported Flannery. The other 86% mostly did nothing, or went for Vent, or were kids.

Some township-wide popularity . . .


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