The last couple of days, I’ve been making a point to use Washington Valley Road at least once a day. Up around the part where the young boy got hit last week.

Honestly, honestly, I don’t see how if someone is driving a car in a normal fashion and legally, that they hit a kid. The only scenario I could see, is where you’re pressured by a tailgater to the point where you are focusing on the threat to your back more than what’s going on up front. (This is why tailgating is 5 points in New Jersey.)

One thing is clear: a lot of the “fast-moving” going on there, has to do with the fact that there is “improved” roadway at each end. On the northwest side, it’s a four laner turning into an underpass/straightaway. On the southeast side, it’s the widened WV Road of the early 1970’s.

The speed limit should be brought down in the curve, the same as what the county did for Dukes Parkway West in Hillsborough. Urban a**hole drivers—-the majority of what now inconvenience the Somerset County roads—are not used to curves where you have to slow down. They only know how to drive on city streets.

How many winding country curves do you find in Union, Essex, Hudson counties? Or Staten Island?