I’m surprised at the number of hits I’ve been getting from Japan for that link to the Japan Break Industries song. I wouldn’t think I’d be popping up in a foreign server for a song that is already on the Top-100 charts there.

In case you missed it, a demolition company in Japan has an employee with good musical talent. He developed a company song a few years ago, that has been discovered by the music crowd, and become very popular. Basically, it ties the demolition work that the company, Japan Break Industries (Nihon Bureiku Kyougou), does to the “superhero” themes of the 1970’s Japanese cartoons (“anime”).

So what the song is basically saying in Japanese, is that the Japan Break Company would like to serve the people of your town by “doing justice” and demolishing old bridges, concrete structures, bad houses, and “pencil buildings” that no longer adhere to some code. (A “pencil building” appears to be a high and narrow building that you might expect to find in a country without a lot of buildable land.)

Only by employing the Japan Break Industries in the work that it does so well, can world peace ever be achieved.

I just think it’s great as advertising, especially in a country that is known for being toe-the-line conservative.

You have to imagine that demolition can be tough, boring, hard-to-get work. Without much of a chance to distinguish between why your wrecking ball is better than the other guys’. It’s a service where you don’t get the chance to screw it up too many times, either, so you’ve got to figure the major players are all competent. (If you screw up wrecking something, you can’t be that good, right?) So how do you distinguish yourself from your competitors?

In my earlier life in financial services, I noticed that about money management and mutual fund companies all the time. They’re all “good”, so how do you distinguish yourself, from “them”? Few seem to know how to do a good ad.