Why I’m thinking about getting a Commerce Bank checking account

This is in response to an e-mail last week.

It’s because now, damn near every place I go, there is a Commerce Bank.

Route 22

Union Avenue Finderne



Hillsboro on the way to Amwell Road

Princeton/Montgomery border where the charming billboard and woods used to be.

They are just all over the place now. Who am I kidding, going out of the way to bank, when the various local municipalities have given Commerce all the prime real estate for their business?

I am aware that their rates are uncompetitively low, and I certainly wouldn’t open a CD there. But if I need convenient access to cash, it seems like the place to go (as long as they aren’t being held up in the time you visit there!)

And you know, I have never seen a bank that kisses peoples’ asses like Commerce does. Especially the Somerville branch. I think they are best.