Yes, nothing goes on at’s Bridgewater Forum anymore

And don’t expect me to do anything about it either.

The regular readers here know exactly why, too. In fact, when you think about it, it was the reason for this blog!

The last thing I or many other people would want, is to bicker with dirty people. Failed politicians trying to make themselves relevant off other’s efforts. And insider attorneys who don’t want the public discourse in Bridgewater to rise to any higher level of sophistication than “are they cul de sacs or are they cirlces?”

You people interested in public discussion needed stick a sock in those a**holes’ mouths well before they could do the damage they did.

Now you see, that since they did their damage, they really had very little to contribute to public discussion. They didn’t deserve to be taken seriously as participants, because they weren’t serious about anything other than slander and character defamation.

It tells you something, when the Somerville board at, online as of early November, already has 117 topics. And the Bridgewater board, online as of late July, only 160.

And there’s four times as many people in Bridgewater . . .

So all I can do is shrug, and say I don’t know what to tell you.

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