And not to show that I am trying to curry favor or change my stripes, I did also notice that there are a considerable number of minorities, “people of color” or whatever, among the list of defendants. (This is not simply black people.) And this is not just in Bridgewater—-it’s been pretty common in any far suburban municipal court.

I didn’t do a scientific count, but the thing that I tend to wonder in this, is whether the minimansion whites who drive like sh*t are somehow exempt from being enforced on by the law.

So they get the idea that their fancy Volvos can go barrelling down a narrow residential street at 35-40, and be damned anyone who is in front!!!

Four generations ago around here—and I know from anecdotal experience—the people who showed up from whereever, were expected to follow the rules! Those who couldn’t, were expected to go back to where they came from! (1/3 of all 19th century European immigrants returned to Europe. Not everybody stayed.)

I can’t say for certain, that there is more than coincidence in who is invited down to municipal court. But I do see a lot of SUV/expensive foreign import/Ford Explorer screw-arounds on Central Jersey roadways, who don’t seem to be represented demographically in the various evening municipal courts . . .