I did promise myself, that whereever in the Flannery Administration I did see a positive development, I would point it out.

Recently, I had the opportunity to hoof my way down to the Bridgewater Municipal Court. And up on the Council dias (which doubles as a judicial bench), there appears to be a new Judge in town: Sasso I think the name is.

Looks to be doing a very good job. The last thing I can stand is a “wet noodle” municipal judge—somebody who in part seems to be looking to light-hand it to the defendant, or give the state/plaintiff a hard time for “clogging up the courts”.

From my knowledge of Hillsborough, there was a good judge down there like that (Remin something). But I am told he was part of the good ol’ boys network. He was great though, at making the municipal experience a miserable one for any defendant showing up—an unpleasant one, like “hey you screw up!” even though he didn’t say so in such direct terms.

These high-brow municipal judges (and we had one around like that, not Jim V.), come across to me as bureaucratic and do not convey the message, that there is some serious screwing-up going on.

The municipal courts are useless, unless it’s clear, say, to the 100 mph driver in a 65 mph (and I am astounded that there is such a driver out there!), that it’s “hey you screw up!”

So apparently Mayor Flannery has the same outlook on law enforcement, and that is a good thing.