Back on Bridgewater Politics!

Does it really surprise any of you, the regular readers, that things are moving awfully SLOWWWW on that Master Plan revision????

Here’s the calculus, as I see it:

A lot of promises were made about slowing growth.

A lot of money was raised from people who want to see development. (That’s what paid for all those mailings and the ubiquitous lawn signs.)

A number of suckers throughout the township got convinced that the Township Council has nooooooooooooo control of zoning. “It’s the strong mayor! It’s the Master Plan! We can’t doooooooooooooo anything until there’s a new Master Plan!”

Well, people, don’t be stupid. The Master Plan is being treated the same as that “other party” in a crooked negotiation, where the speaker would lovvvvvvve to do a deal with you, if it weren’t for his associate: “the other party”.

In this case, I opine that Council is told by people like Bill Savo, that “no no no, you can’t mess up any deals that I’ve worked on for my clients.” (What good an attorney would he be otherwise, then, right?)

And so Bridgewater Township Council says, “oh no neighborhoods! We hear you! But, you see, there’s nothing we can do. It’s ALL CONTROLLED by the Master Plan!!!!!!!”