Mel Gibson as Jesus movie

On to other subjects:

Does “the Passion of the Christ” really just resurrect awful sentiments between Christians and Jews?

The controversial Mel Gibson movie seems to be raking in the bucks at the box office. Waiting to hear, that all the profits from the film are going to some charity that does the work of Jesus. Maybe that money is, but I haven’t seen or heard it. Otherwise, what did Mel, a rich man already, do?

Make a ton of money off Jesus, right?

I have not seen the film, but the reports in one area are disturbing. It’s the part where apparently the film is blaming “the Jews” for the death of Jesus.

If that weren’t insulting enough, it plays the knowledgeable public for stupid.

Believer or not, it’s clear that the Passion, as related in the Bible, is the story about authoritarianism and the deprival of basic human liberties. What was going on in Judea (ancient Israel) in the early first century, was an occupation by the Romans—-the regional bullies of the day.

As in any case where an uninvited military guest shows up, usually the jackboot is not that far behind. And in Judea’s case, one of its forms was Pontius Pilate, a thug. (Let’s call it what it was, right?)

What happened to Jesus, was that he was a little too controversial and outspoken, and so the thug, Pontius Pilate, got rid of him in the most grotesque way possible.

“The Jews” were not the ones putting an end to Jesus. It was Roman “authority”, using the word in a very sanitized context. (It was Roman brutality, that Rome brought with it all over the Old World.)

True, Jesus made some of the Temple priests nervous. And no doubt they had their dealings and understandings with Pilate. But the ancient texts are clear who decided to get rid of Jesus: Pilate.

You have to remember, most all of Jesus’ original followers were Jews, as was Jesus himself!

The Vatican, which is a pretty influential Christian source, and fairly authoritative—at least when it stays out of astronomy and places like the bedroom—worked for the past 40 years to try and heal the divisions between Catholic Christians and Jews over historical misunderstandings from the Bible.

In the extreme, these misinterpretations are blamed by some, for the most horrid acts of Western European history in the last century: the Jewish Holocaust.

You would think, that a responsible Christian would take more care to present the story in a way that did not open very contemporary wounds in the relations between God’s children.

I think I will wait for the movie to show up on cable.

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