Thank you for the couple of e-mails inquiring about the status of “Hoofin to you!”, particularly the concern that I was wrapping it up this week.

There are no plans to. Fact was, I needed a week for personal matters, and so had to be offline. Now, it turns out that I have a number of those witty/cutting/ascerbic/perspecacious you-fill-in-the-adjective insights piled up, but not enough time to get the product out! (Which probably means I finally have to invest the money and change the format here.)

Yes, it would be a lot easier just to post on, but for reasons stated, I’m sticking to the blog format.

Longtime readers of “Hoofin to you!” remember that I was being attacked personally last May (2003) for using my free speech rights on the common bulletin boards. The purpose of this blog was for me to be able to have my say, without crybaby losers making an issue that I was posting on a BBS. “What’s the difference between a BBS and a blog—it’s still the internet?” Yeah, I know. But a couple of dumbasses didn’t know blogs existed, so they thought that by harassing, they could infringe on my rights to say. (Boy, did they find out otherwise, didn’t they?!)

The critical difficulty I have right now is that I’ve got about six or seven topics going, and not enough time to cover all of them at the level that would make me satisfied that I am not just throwing a lot of stuff out to fill the space.

So at some point, I think I’ll be going to “Movable Type” or one of those other more sophisticated blogging software packages. (Preferably one that posts pictures, too, so you can see and not just visualize the slow rot of sprawl that southern Bridgewater has become.

Please keep coming back and checking!

Regards, Hoofin.