What exactly am I saving with the “9/10” again??

When it was 30 cents a gallon, they could put out 30 9/10, and pick up an extra 3%—all the while I was thinking, “hey we’re just paying 30”.

(Yeah, I wasn’t driving until about $1.12, but as a passenger . . . )

But today, the tradition continues in prices, like, well $2.23 9/10. (I belive the 1/10 cent was known as the “mill” in 19th century commerce.)

Want to help out the motoring public?

Why not “nix the nine!”? Don’t charge that extra 9/10’s cent. After all, the cents place today is really where the 9/10’s used to go, in prices like $.579 or $.259. See? Three places.

No one is driving around the corner to save 3/10 cents. So what is the purpose? Other than retail tradition?

Just my 20 mills.