MVV – 71E, a true road menace if there ever was one.

This afternoon’s drive took me down Somerville Road. You know, that narrow, posted 25, residential street near Merriwood school? That’s the one with the nice woods on the west side, where occasionally you might—just might—see a deer pop out. (Since most of the local deer live in that woods, who should be surprised to find one deciding to venture out . . . )

Well anyway, about 5:30 or so, I am making my way down, when in the rear view mirror comes this SUV.

Now, because the SUV was getting incrementally larger in my rear view mirror, I knew that the distance between my middle-class vehicle and his was shrinking fast. Since I was doing 25, this means he was doing more than 25. When it looked like he was sitting in my back seat, I guess he finally decided to use the brakes.

I get around that corner at the Merriwood exit, and he decides I’m not going fast enough. So he crosses that solid double yellow line (“hey what’s that paint doing on the road?!”), and blasts off.

But guess what? There is ANOTHER impatient SUV right behind! And similarly, THAT guy takes off.

Well, it turns out, that this was one of those car chases that you see every now and again. My best guess, as a 23-year driver, is that SUV “A” did something to piss SUV “B” off, and SUV “B” wasn’t about to put up with the injustice. They didn’t look like two guys in a hurry (since SUV “B” did a good job riding SUV “A”‘s bumper–about as good as “A” did mine.)

Hey, thank goodness to have the risk well in front of me, rather than on my back!

I don’t know what SUV “A” (a/k/a plate MVV-71E – law enforcement, please take note!) was in such a hurry for. After all, by the time I got to the Vogt Drive traffic light, both “A”, “B”, and me (making a left), got to wait there. (I waited the least of course, since I was last to get to the corner.)

You regular readers know, that in my view people who are driving like that shouldn’t be on the road. Our enforcement is no where NEAR the point where these kind of drivers experience genuine fear at even pulling the kind of stunt they were pulling this afternoon—in a residential area with a deer hazard.

Sanity returns to the roads of Bridgewater Township when there is a genuine fear about screwing around with our laws. Right now, there is not that fear. In fact, what it is, is that the ordinary people get to be afraid.

With modern technology, these people can be easily identified and eliminated from the roadways of Bridgewater. You get the plate number, Bridgewater sets up a database. Very soon, the township has a list of the screw-arounds, by street no less. Then, you use unmarked patrol cars and nail them.

And, you make it an everyday thing. Because some people never outgrow the hall monitor.

They never grow up. Even well after they are finally old enough to have a driver’s license.

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