Norgalis nomination

I got an e-mail asking for comment about this development on the Bridgewater Township Council. (You can read about it through this link.)

I knew this nomination was rumored already for weeks. The two other nominees are known commodities, but were never seriously considered. One is basically in a satellite orbit around the the Bridgewater G.O.P. officials world. And the other one is long-time connected (through her dad, the late Paul Henderson), who most recently tried to get the zoning board of adjustment to let her subdivide “R-50” property into two non-conforming lots. This was so that she could sell one of the two lots for a big profit.

(Gee, wouldn’t it be great if everyone in zoned residential areas could start shaving off part of their yards when they needed an extra hundred grand or so.)

(By the way, that’s the smelly corruption in Bridgewater that never makes the newspapers, Tina!)

So back to Norgalis. His appointment is virtually meaningless, because the larger issue is Council reform. What we have is Ed Irving’s anti-neighborhood-development buddy filling in for the rest of the term.

My thing is: seven member Council. Four wards, three at large. A Master Plan. A new municipal building! (Remember that one from last fall’s empty campaign? Well, where are the plans??)

I’d also like to see the other two cents of the Hotel Tax imposed, without the local citizenry having to organize and lobby for it! Bridgewater Township Council, who didn’t want to touch the Marriott last year, thinks we all forgot that they are allowed to go as high as three cents on the room tax this year. The state sales tax is dropping, and the municipality is allowed to collect the difference by ordinance.

I’d like someone to put that question to Norgalis. Where does he stand?

But you see, that Council is so lame, that stuff like:

Master Plan

Municipal Building

Tax Relief

appears nowhere on the agenda.

You see, nothing changed. So I have nothing new to add.