Kerry picks Edwards

Well, the super-secret surprise is finally out! Honestly, if you had to put betting money on it, who did you think Kerry was going to pick?

Gephardt is one of these “could have made a good president” politicos who graced the Washington scene over the 20th century (along with, who else? Humphrey, Muskie, Scoop Jackson, Sam Nunn, Richard Thornburgh in his Penna. Governor days). Gephardt was not gonna get picked.

Tom Vilsack of Iowa was Tom Who? This would have been the Mondale pick. I could just hear that nasal Minnesota droning going on, about how “with Tom on the ticket”, the Democrats would sweep all 50 states . . .

The G.O.P. is saying that Edwards is inexperienced, with only six years as a senator. I forget how many years in elected office the current President Bush has, if you just count the son and not the ancestors. I hope the Republicans aren’t counting “years of experience” based on legacy. Isn’t the Governor of Texas a relatively weak office in that state?

I think Kerry-Edwards will make the Democrats competitive in the fall. And so for that, Edwards is probably a good choice. He comes across really well on television, much better than Mondale, Dukakis and Gore.

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