From a locally based Bridgewater site, that gets updated once or twice a year . . .

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“The Voice of the Bridgewater-Raritan Community” has this to say:

The Darby Track Development

Before a well-attended, standing room only crowd of concern citizens, the Bridgewater Parks Department, under the direction of Mayor Flannery, unveiled their plans for a parking lot and two soccer fields. The preliminary plans call for development of 15 acres of the 100 �Green Acres � property

There was overwhelming opposition to this proposal. Concerns included whether the fields are necessary due to underutilization of existing fields and environmental impact to the wild animals that currently inhabit the area. Other concerns were the overall cost and impact of residential property values that are located nearby.

Mayor Flannery, Town Council and the Parks Department: Your time and resources are valuable. Please spend your efforts on more pressing issues. Let�s organize to help senior citizens bag their leaves this fall, so that they are not encumbered by your recent ordinance (requiring residents to bag all leaves this fall).

(I want to put this as “tackfully” as possible, but I think there’s an error in the title of that piece.)

I actually think it’s refreshing that Mayor Flannery is proposing the installation of a public-use facility in one of the “upscale”, secluded and/or otherwise favored areas of Bridgewater. This, as readers here will recall, was one of my beefs about Bridgewater in the modern era: that all the handy public-use projects are thrown into somebody else’s neighborhood.

Something like this is maybe an issue for the Democrats to pick up on, in their special election.

Let Van Holten Road see what its like to have:

the “good of the whole town”

pitted against

the so-called “selfish interests” of a small neighborhood.

Nice to see that kabuki theatre being played somewhere else other than the Green Knoll section of Bridgewater . . .