When you put a “countdown” on the green light . . .

If anyone’s been through downtown Somerville this month, you might notice that the Main and Bridge Street intersection now tells pedestrians how long they have (in seconds) to cross the street before the light will change.

Has anyone also noticed, that is now getting very difficult to drive through the intersection? What appears to be happening, is that left turn drivers (South Bridge to West Main) decide to “beat the clock” and make their left turn regardless of whether they can clear the intersection?

It’s one thing when the (yes, yes) driver lowlifes fail to yield. That’s no headline. But now they see “5 seconds” left on the pedestrian countdown, and figure they better block traffic before they’re stuck in the intersection. (Didn’t they used to just wait for the light to go red and finish? I think that maneuver has at least some semblance of lawfulness.)

On three occasions in just the past week, I have either come to the intersection or been “in the line”, while we have waited for someone making, essentially, an illegal left, to clear the box.

I guarantee that little clock on the pole is the thing prompting people to screw around there.

And police headquaters is (count ’em) one block away . . .