Other towns are taking threats in the Master Plan much more seriously than Bridgewater . . .

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The Hunterdon county towns are actually banding together to seek changes that reverse the ill-considered plans of former Republican township committees. And let’s be honest here: this a purely inside-the-G.O.P. earthquake! I think a lot of those committeemen get nervous when the general public starts to ask:

“What was it they used to do with people, tar, and a horse?”

I know that Bridgewater’s longtime G.O.P. trough-dweller Susan Gruel is now making plans to “adjust” her handiwork of the 1970’s-’80’s, and recommend a reduction in the size of the Regional Center. (Probably pulling out the Foothill Road neighborhood and the part of Garretson/Country Club around the neighborhood of one of those oldtime G.O.P. officials (Meredith?).)

But realistically, the Regional Center question that HAS to be asked, is whether the “Bridgewater Core” development wasn’t in fact an ill-considered mistake. This is what the Regional Plan Partnership suggested in 1999.

I think it was an overintense development, and the real “regional planning” solution is to talk about what properties are condemned and when. (2020? 2030?)

After all, much of the property that constitutes today’s mall and office center was condemned in the 20th century. It was already developed and the people living miles away from today’s sprawl decided on a more intense development.