A noteworthy Puff Piece in last Sunday’s Star-Ledger (July 18, 2004):

. . . about none other than Somerset County Republican chairman Dale Florio. Apparently, he is the reason that major tobacco companies are avoiding some of the more unpleasant fates in New Jersey, that appear to be coming their way in other progressive states.

You know how I feel about these newspaper “puff pieces”—this one is a puff piece in two ways, I suppose!

What was interesting was all the facts left out. Especially Dale Florio’s political roles in both the Christie Whitman campaign and election. Additionally, notice how very little descriptive information that would tie Florio to Somerset County is placed in the headline. As a result, I imagine that a lot of local people passed that article right over.

And for those reading, it sounded like some of the best advertising for why you want to write the check to Princeton Public Affairs, didn’t it?

“Can’t say we don’t cover the news, folks . . . ” Ehem . . .