The 1974 Bridgewater Charter Study Commission apparently considered a ward-and-at-large proposal for Bridgewater.

Here is the entire text of what they presented to the public. See how well it explains the choices the public was being asked to debate and vote on:

The Commission elected to continue at-large representation on the Bridgewater Township governing body, rejecting the concept of wards as unnecessarily divisive.

That’s it.

In other words, “the experts have told you that a ward-and-at-large system is ‘unnecessarily divisive’ and that’s all you really need to know . . . ”

It wasn’t just “divisive”, even. It was “unnecessarily divisive”—which shows you that they did not want that debate going on! (Because you wonder what “necessarily divisive” proposals would look like!)

So if Hillsborough goes the Charter Study Commission route at any point in the future, be prepared to have the debate short-circuited.