Hoofin’s Mailbag

Questions from Reader Mail:

Every now and again I will get some “who are you” and “why do you have a blog”-type questions, that I answer on an individual basis.

So it makes sense, for those along for the walk, to review here.

I am pretty much a lifelong Bridgewater resident, with no interest in serving in the local government, but a keen interest in what is going on locally.

Prior to last May (2003), I used to post routinely on the NJ.com Bridgewater board and one connected to a site, http://www.bridgewaternj.com.

Persons connected with the 1999 Republican campaign in the township decided, that they some how had the full right to harass me— AND, AND, apparently, thought that meeting me once or twice, made them the full judge of me as a person. It’s even silly (and I found out through other channels) that one of the two individuals involved, was afraid (and still is!) that I might get a “following”! Ho ho!

So I decided to move off BBS’s and set up my own blog. (You can do this in five minutes over at Blogger.) So I get to use the internet for communication just like everyone else, without the hassle from community censors who disagree.

The name “Hoofin to you!” means me, Hoofin, direct to you, the reader. It is as if I am “hoofin” to your desktop, except you come here to read it.

Do I have an effect?

Like I said last year, it is probably more than I realize, but less than what “those certain individuals” seem to fear. If nobody reads, then, sure, it’s nothing. But I do have a following among some of the community activists. They read, some of it gets rejected, some of it gets accepted.

My inside story on a lot of things about the township and its history is better than the Courier, better than the Ledger, and definitely better than the Reporter. So people come back.

Will I open access to my “Sitemeter” count?

Nooooooo. You will have to trust me, that I average a mid double-digit hit total every day. The problem with making sitemeter open, is that it is a very small community. I don’t want to give material away about who my readership is—even if it is a question of what names and topics are being searched.

Do I have plans to expand the site/ make it interactive?

Nope. It is a personal project. I keep it going, because the couple of times I asked for feedback, I got a good response about it. One suggestion was to make it a general blog for community activism, but I would suggest that the http://www.bridgewaternj.com forum was all set up for that. Since that site only gets one or two new posts each season, you can see that there isn’t a lot of demand for that sort of thing.

Thanks for being a supporter/reader of my site, and happy reading!