Bridgewater Democrats have something to say

Bridgewater Democrats have something to say:

[word has it that an editorial appeared in the Courier today, but the link isn’t working! Arrrrgh!!!]

Ah, here it is:

Elect Democrats to save Bridgewater

A good position taken. Lend moral support to the Darby Tract people, without entangling in that group’s attempt to shove the problem into someone else’s neighborhood. (That would be the Darby Tract people’s “let’s use flat fields that the county owns, someplace else, instead!”)

Where is the improved police headquarters?

What is the status of the municipal hall expansion? They said that once they had the mayor’s chair and the power, it would all be different.

If Bridgewater residents were astute enough to have at least one member of Council as a Democrat, these observations in the editorial would be raised at the Council sessions, not on Page A-15 or whatever of a local newspaper.

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