The see-I-told-you-so factor in Bridgewater politics

Over at, Herb Katz is complaining about how the Planning Board wouldn’t let people speak against the Regional Plan at Monday’s 6:00 pm public meeting. (How nice to have a public meeting scheduled right at dinner time!)

Here is what is posted:

Bridgewater Residents Unable to Speak at Public Meeting

Why do our public officials encourage residents to come to their meetings and not allow them to speak? The planning board and Mayor Flannery will only answer questions regarding the future of our regional center that are submitted in writing. Mayor Flannery, �Are the questions that the public are asking so complex that you need extra time to answer them�? Or do you feel that by not allowing the public to verbally ask questions will not persuade them to attend future meetings?

Is it possible, just possible, that the neighborhood groups so actively courted by the Republicans last year—were mere props for the general election????

Isn’t it a shame that you can’t shake things up mid-term, in the 2005 Council elections?

Oh, I forgot, it’s an all-at-large Council—it’s damn near impossible!