More people speak out against Bridgewater’s involvement in the Regional Center

Bridgewater plan ignores residents (Courier letter-to-the-editor)

I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen a series of citizen editorials than from the “usual suspects” in the township. Lately, it seems there is one in there every day about something or other. (This is giving us bloggers competition!!!)

I believe a Regional Center would have been fine, if the local powers had steered close to the original intent of the State Planning Act. (That was to direct development back into the cities, where all the infrastructure already exists.)

Instead—and as is so typical of the county and region’s G.O.P.—the new state planning strategy was twisted to achieve outdated goals and further scheming against the public interest. New wine into old sacks. Bridgewater got a skyline because of “the Regional Plan”, and not because the Republican cronies had rigged it that way in the 1976 Master Plan. “The Regional Plan” changed nothing of the G.O.P. cronies’ desire to pave over southern Bridgewater.

Regional Plan advisor Susan Gruel was very much a part of this as a Bridgewater Councilwoman. Have you seen the article about that yet?

(No wonder they have to give away newspapers free nowadays . . . )