From the memo (Part III)

Betting on a township-wide tax revolt: Wrong!

People sure are passionate about these esoteric, one tax point moves in the tax bill, aren�t they?? Large moves, sure. But look how well the G.O.P. has been able to finesse that over the last few years.

Taxes have been going up in the township lately, and are sure to rise more. But the state has been coming through with sizeable relief checks. If you try to make an issue about taxes going up, it will look like you are grabbing for issues. As long as Bridgewater remains a �tax deal� compared to nearby municipalities, you will not get any traction from this. They will always be able to point to nearby municipalities, and say, �others are going up much much more.�

Worse, you walk into another trap. It�s clear that some kind of tax reform is going to occur in New Jersey. McGreevey just assembled a constitutional convention working group. And as all those small boroughs continue to get shellacked, the state will make some kind of change.

You can try to swim against the tide of statewide politics, or . . .

Isn�t the real new issue the fact that all those ratables potentially will be shared with the rest of the state??? So what good was it to have this high-density regional center, and all this office development, when we end up �doing favors� for Hunterdon County? (We build up our township so that other people have these convenient city-like benefits. Then they make the quick drive home to farm country.)

Ask Bridgewater if it is worth the benefit to have that??? No tax savings from the building, if changes come from any new Constitutional Convention proposal —- and yet stuck with the traffic and the sprawl!!!

When you plan, you have to say, �what happens if�. It is clear that the local G.O.P. is not doing that with the Regional Center.