N.J. rallies for reforms to rein in party bosses

The best way to send a message to the party “bosses” – vote against the machine!

N.J. rallies for reforms to rein in party bosses

Quoted in this article, is Somerset County’s “One of the Twelve”, Dale Florio, who basically says, “somebody has to call all the shots, right?”

New Jersey has had a long history of powerful political bosses.

Somerset County Republican Party Chairman Dale Florio, identified in “The Power Brokers” series as one of the 12 most powerful party bosses in the state, said that there will always be a need for strong leaders within parties.

“How can you have politics without political leaders?” said Florio, who is also a lobbyist for major businesses in the state. “Someone has to raise the money. Someone has to get volunteers. Elected officials do the people’s work; party leaders do the party’s work.”

Florio said the publicity has raised expectations of him as a party leader.

“The attention raises an expectation that one can just snap your fingers,” he said.

So whether you can or can’t, if someone is the guy who “has to raise the money”, and who “has to get the volunteers” and “do the party’s work”, who has the power???

Is anyone expected to believe that if the party is providing the resources, as Freeholder Denise Coyle made plainly clear, that the party (i.e. the party boss) doesn’t call the tune??

He who pays the fiddler calls the tune.