Treasurer Kathryn Kinney finally gets booted by the Mayor of Bridgewater.

(This was not totally unexpected, but the way it happened is quite a surprise.)

Courier News article

According to the Courier:

The township’s treasurer and chief financial officer was fired Wednesday, three days after she was arrested in South Bound Brook on disorderly persons and obstructing justice charges.

Mayor Patricia Flannery said Thursday that Kathryn Kinney was dismissed for “conduct unbecoming a public official,” as outlined by township ordinance.

Kinney, 38, repeatedly screamed profanities and attempted to hit a police officer during the incident, which occurred shortly after midnight Sunday, South Bound Brook police Chief Robert Verry said.

After two police officers pulled over a car on Franklin Street and were trying to determine if the driver was intoxicated, Kinney came out of a nearby house, Verry said.

According to the police report, Kinney appeared to be highly intoxicated when she walked up to one of the officers and said, “I want to know what’s going on.”

Police said there was no evidence Kinney knew the Neshanic Station man driving the car and never explained why she was attempting to intervene.

When she was told to leave the area, Kinney became angry and began cursing the officers, the police report stated.

The officers told her to step back as they arrested the driver on drunken driving charges, but Kinney continued to yell profanities, the police report said.

When the officers attempted to arrest her, she struggled with them, Verry said. Kinney then attempted to slip off the handcuffs and tried to hit one of the officers, he said.

While she was being processed at police headquarters, Kinney told police she would have “her police chief contact the South Bound Brook police chief,” Verry said.

She also made a lewd remark to one of the officers, the chief added.

Kinney was released on 10 percent of $1,000 bail.

Didn’t Kinney know that the Mayor is a Republican, and she is a Democrat appointee?

Additionally, didn’t she know that our Mayor and the Mayor of South Bound Brook, are buddy-buddies??

I hate to point this out, because I feel sorry for her personal difficulty with liquor (the DUI last year, and so forth). But she was a Democrat appointee in a Republican town, where there are at least five Republican cronies lined up to take her place. Patti Flannery owes a lot of people. And she wasn’t doing them any favors by keeping Ms. Kinney employed at $90k+.

Reading balance sheets is a little different than reading the writing on the wall . . .

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