More context-dependent response to an post

from a “weirdo Church” . . .

I forgot that part, too. One hundred years ago, (1905), the typical American might have also pointed out, that these Catholic people were from a “backwards, wierdo” Church, that was undemocratic, responsible for much grief in Europe, and frankly, was not to be trusted with even the smallest amount of power. Merely “tolerated”.

They certainly would not have approved lowering the flag to half-staff when the Pope died.

They were more worried about the Pope as “a tyrant trying to take over our country through his agents!”

That was America . . .

[Later edit: I think in one of my 2009 posts, I actually find a 19th century tract/book on Google by a Princeton professor who discussed at length why Roman Catholicism, and by extension, Roman Catholics, were a danger to the American Republic. And basically could never be trusted to “be” American and uphold its ideals.

Myself, I stopped reading after the book got repetitious. It’s not exactly as pithy as the teachings of the Lawgiver Ape from Planet of the Apes (original flick).]