Was the Hiroshima Bomb wrong?

Was the Hiroshima Bomb wrong? More good company: Albert Einstein

I have always condemned the use of the atomic bomb against Japan, but I could not do anything at all to prevent that fateful decision.

– Physicist Albert Einstein, in a 1953 letter to Japanese penpal Seiei Shinohara, which was recently made public for the first time by Shinohara’s widow. (AFP-Jiji)

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I think this quote (translated from the original German) was only reported in America by the Washington Times. (The Washington Times additionally added that Einstein had urged Roosevelt to develop the bomb in 1939, so as not to fall behind the German physicists in the coming arms race.)

Einstein’s response (above) was hand-written on a typed letter sent to Einstein by the Japanese Shinohara, a German linguist.

This was our very Einstein, who lived on Mercer Street in Princeton, New Jersey at the end of his life. And who indeed helped “build the bomb”, by contributing to the science and technology of its construction.

Einstein and Shinohara later corresponded several more times about world peace. Shinohara’s widow is looking for a permanent home for these letters.

Since this is the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s “Miracle Year”, and the 60th remembering the use of an atomic bomb, what better place than a public display in Princeton, New Jersey??