Who is Native?

And no, not those Indians. Although some could say, that now the Indians are returning to Pluckemin!

I use the term Indians instead of the politically-correct “Native American”, because I am also a native American.

American English has traditionally referred to the aboriginal(?) peoples of the North American continent as Indians, because Christopher Columbus thought he had reached India when he discovered America for Spain.

So now, we have many of the real Indians (the Indian Indians) that have immigrated to America, and particularly Somerset and Middlesex Counties in New Jersey. They want to set up religious temples outside of Pluckemin, and get given a hard time by the natives (i.e. the people already living in Bridgewater, but not the original inhabitants.)

I suppose someone on Garretson Road, when reading about how the Indians originally settled Bridgewater, confused the Lenne Lenape for the Indian Indians, and felt that that fact was a little too sensitive to include in a history of a township of up-and-coming minimansion dwellers. So inconvenient history disappered.

Watchung, Piscataway, “celebrate” their Indian heritage—hard to hide from it, when your township is named Piscataway. But Bridgewater is very flexible and business-friendly. And so goes to lengths to avoid these little controversies and unpleasantries, while all the while proclaiming to be “diverse”.

We don’t point out, that we settled a place where there had already been people (even if the serious settling didn’t get underway until the 1940’s, not the 1740’s.) The original settlers, the Lenne Lennape had by then been pushed or relocated to . . . Oklahoma, I think.

I wonder if the deeper history of Bridgewater got whitewashed, in a manner of speaking, because here come some more people, who want to settle it under a different God!!