Developer’s attorney Larry Powers strikes again! link

Honestly, honestly. If you were some pushing-fifty G.O.P. developer hack attorney, would you do something like this? Harass someone else who uses the internet.

Talk about “too much time on one’s hands”.

Frankly, it casts doubt on the credibility of whatever client arguments he is presenting to Township Council. If the guy can’t handle criticism of his party’s positions and bad history–or even public commentary about crappy drivers, (those screwing around on public roads!)—it makes you wonder what he says to his Council buddies about the opposition to the developers he represents before Council or the Mayor’s Planning Board.

What dirty antics go on behind a Larry Powers presentation to Bridgewater Township Council?? Or do they bend an ear to whatever he says, because he badmouths the people who disagree with the Mayor and Council??

You’ve got to hope that he hasn’t billed any of those clients for the time he spends surfing and the popular local blogs like this one.