Modern America’s inability to disagree amicably. (Or: “Always looking for a fight!”)

In my spare moments, I have been posting to my old haunt, the Bridgewater Board.

As everyday readers know, this brought out developer attorney Larry Powers and his four or five “sock” screen names. He uses his socks to make the slanderous/libellous personal attacks, and apparently “LPowers” is used when someone pretends to be the voice of reason. For the uninitiated, a sock is the term used when someone posts under multiple screen names to attack a single person. It’s particularly dangerous for garden variety slanderers like Larry Powers, because the IP address–the computer where the posts are being made—is usually the same.

As I’ve mentioned, it astounds me that any reputable developer or business would hire Powers or his firm, when he spends even the smallest part of the day attacking personally EVEN ONE resident of a township in which he does business! Have you ever heard of a businessman, that takes personal shots at someone?? And that same someone, is a constituent of the elected government he does business with??

What an idiot!!

Folks, I don’t know about you, but I don’t think anything I post here is that extraordinarily controversial:

– unresponsive local government, replete with two-faced manipulators or lazy asses; politicians of separate parties, “in bed with each other”.

– people who drive like shit—and now there are cameras that, in one second, can catch you in the act and identify you. At a distance. In public.

– national political parties that don’t serve the average American. Neither are saints, but one is clearly worse than the other on a number of issues. Americans always had to make a choice, and maybe now there are two not-so-great choices. (You still have to choose, which is why I tend to go for Democrats nowadays. They are like how the Republicans USED to be, before the Republicans changed!)

– America’s less-than-noble acts around the world. Nowadays and in history. It used to be part of your patriotic duty to debate these things. “War powers” were so significant, that the so-called Founding Fathers put the war power in the House of Representatives and Senate. Since, ultimately, it would be the People doing the fighting, the People should take a vote on the who, when and how. (Nowadays, though, the fight kind-of just starts, and the excuses for it are the thing that changes, based on polls.)

The right to debate also extends to the ugly acts done in the name of America–that a number of Americans seem to be clueless about. Or they just go with popular opinion about history.

– Don’t believe everything the government tells you. Government in America exists, because the People could not do everything themselves. They needed a government to serve them. If you are truly American, then this is what you believe. The master gets to question the servant. Right? Right?

With some people, it seems like only when the government is filled by Democratic Party members, then this rule applies.

And only then.

Sounds a little hokey, doesn’t it? Oh well.

And of course, trusty camera and Wireless-LAN-enabled laptop handy, I will also post about the nice people and places I see along the way.