Shinkansen on its way.

Shinkansen on its way.

This is another picture of a bullet train. For about $720, you can ride around Japan all you like on these ( * – note below ), for three weeks.

I was particularly impressed how comfortable the trains were. And how smooth. These aren’t magnetic-levitation, just ordinary rail.

But we could never HOPE to have something like this system in place in New Jersey. Even though it would be a great benefit. Much better than our 19th century junk.

I am sure many eastern Pennsylvanians would love to see these go in throughout New Jersey, too. Imagine if Route 78 had a Shinkansen right along side it. Going clear across New Jersey in about 25 minutes . . .

(* – Note above: just don’t get on the Shinkansen called the NOZOMI. That one isn’t part of the deal. If you make that mistake (and, eh, someone I know did), you’ve got to pay the normal price! Ouch!)


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