Is the Bridgewater police force mismanaged by the Mayor and Administrator??

I think the answer has to be “yes”. You see it in the small anecdotes: the jalopy patrol cars, the 40-year-old plant and fixtures.

Additionally, for being a far-suburban police force, those cops should be in seventh-heaven. It should be some of the best cop work in the United States.

But too often, you hear behind-the-scenes complaints. And no, people can’t just come out and say. But you know, we are not surrounded by municipalities with one-party jackboot rule. In places like Somerville, Hillsborough, you’d think one party or the other would pick up on police discontent. But you don’t hear anything, because chances are they are better managed than Bridgewater.

Bridgewater government is a little “too” stable, and means trouble. But no one seems to like to take a stand and point out the problems.

We are seeing this more and more from Paul Amitrani, the regular Democratic candidate for Council. But it’s not enough.

Ordinary people, who routinely follow politics and like to read political blogs, need to get involved!!!