Councilman Scaglione pokes into an area properly under the Bridgewater Mayor.

Is this true??

What I hear, is that one of the union officials of Bridgewater Police was given a call by a Councilman Patrick Scaglione, asking what has to happen in order to make the police-administration dispute “go away”.

Funny, Township Council has formally declined to investigate the difficulties. Yet evening calls are still made, asking how the township can get the problem to “go away”.

Hey, Mayor, it sounds like Councilman Scaglione is once again trodding around in the area that, under the Faulkner Act, is supposed to be under the Mayor.

The Township Council’s power is investigatory.

“Investigatory” is not making evening phone calls, asking for the horse trade on how to get a problem to “go away”!!


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