Election Day is drawing mercifully near . . .

Election Day is drawing mercifully near . . .

Had enough?

Just when you think it can’t get any lower in New Jersey’s Governor race, then Forrester puts out an ad, that quotes Corzine’s ex saying something negative about Jon Corzine!!

Does this really explain anything?

Do anything about bloated elected officials’ pensions or cronyism?

Explain Doug Forrester’s false promises about tax relief?


Can you imagine these sorts of political stunts ever being tolerated, even in the bad old days of the 1970’s?

I think Lyndon Johnson’s “Daisy” ad only ran once. (It probably only needed to run once, since people still talk about it today!)

When Casey beat Scranton in Pennsylvania in 1986, on the “guru” ad, it seemed to legitimize these last-minute cheap shots.

That ad was one showing Lieutentant Governor Scranton in a sixties hippie photo, with the announcer saying, “they gave him the job because of his FATHER, and then, he didn’t even show up for work!”

It was a success for Governor Casey, and he went on to serve two terms. But it helped set the tone for these last minute cheap shots that now pop up all over the airwaves.

If Forrester wanted to talk about Jon Corzine’s private life (both divorce and later romance), he really should have gotten it out of the way at the START of the campaign, not the end.

The end SHOULD have been about what Forrester would do for New Jersey. Not about what Forrester and Corzine’s ex think of Senator Corzine.

It may well be, that Corzine’s marriage didn’t do too well in the end, because the Senator was busy helping the state of New Jersey . . .