Close elections do not create “mandates” . . . What’s the deal??

Close elections do not create “mandates” . . .

What’s the deal??

Has anyone else noticed, the trend in America, that politicians will win elections by the narrowest of margins? And then, claim a mandate???

When you win by 50.1% or 51% or 52%, you hardly have a mandate.

In fact, what it means, is that slighty MORE people voted for you, than the competition. But maybe on any other given day, the competition would have picked up those votes.

I don’t know if this has been a phenomenon of an “Electoral College” president, who wins by the narrowest of margins. And then, acts like he got 75% of the vote.

But the trend is going on quite a bit, all over America.

Someone wins something by a close margin. And then the winners act, like everyone agreed with them.

Everyone did not agree.

In fact, almost half did not.